Awaken Shampoo
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size: 8 oz

Endurance Beast Awaken cleans away all the abuse your hair takes from pushing your body to its limits.
Endurance Beast Awaken Shampoo is designed to clean Ultra Athlete hair. Ultra athlete hair is in the sun, rain, ice, mud, grime and everything the terrain and mother nature can give thus, requiring special needs to care for it. Endurance Beast Awaken Shampoo is manufactured for the cleaning needs for the hair of ultra athletes.

Endurance Beast Awaken will wash out sweat, dirt, and grime caught in your hair from pushing past others to the finish line!
(Chamomilla Recutita Flower & Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Extract )

Look and feel great Holding your medal and head high knowing you earned it !

For healthy looking hair that is refreshed and Clean, use Endurance Beast Awaken Shampoo.

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Awaken Shampoo

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