Bath Soak Rejuvenation
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size: 16 oz

A must after any Ultra or Heavy workout !

Muscle Rejuvenating Soaking with added Aroma Therapy Solution

Scientifically formulated torehydrate your skin and rejuvenate your body all in one with a unique blend of minerals and oils. Recovery Bath help you relax and recover . Helps you perform at optimum performance.

You push your body to its limits, Endurance Beast Sports Muscle Soaking Solutions will help Rejuvenate and Re-Energize your muscles and mind. Formulated with aroma therapy and oils and minerals for your skin, including olive Oil and avocado Oil .

Re-Energize your inner beast and sore muscles with the exclusive blend of Endurance Beast Muscle Bath Soaking Solution.

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Bath Soak Rejuvenation

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