Stink - Beater
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size: 8 oz

Eliminates Tough Odors
Safe and Non Toxic Non-Staining

Use on fabric, hard surfaces, locker rooms, and public areas, athletic gear, shoes and many more surfaces.

Shoes: Running, Hiking
Hockey Gear and Skates
Riding Gear and Boots
Baseball Gloves
Five Finger Designed Shoes
Gym Bags and Gear
Football Pads & Equipment
Biking Gear
Karate, Kick Boxing

Designed for Athletes that are Endurance Beasts. Your body is your machine and unlike average people, works at a higher level demanding products that work tough such as Stink-Beater. Stink-Beater is designed to beat not mask tough sweat and body odors.
Even endurance athletes sweat glands stand no chance to Stink-beater odor eliminator. It finds and eliminates trapped sweat that your feet and body leave behind.

For over twenty years we have been providing time proven products. Endurance Athletes demand more from their bodies and demand a higher level of products and care. Endurance Beast produces the products to keep you working at your best.

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Stink - Beater

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